Port Macquarie Litigation & Dispute Resolution

At Lindeman Lawyers, we offer you strong advocacy, innovation and expertise in litigation and dispute resolution.

At Lindeman Lawyers we understand that problems often arise that require individuals and corporate entities to consider legal action for disputes over money or property.

With experience ranging from small claims in the local court to the Equity Division of the NSW Supreme Court we offer professional service in whatever is the appropriate jurisdiction for your dispute. We work to provide a considered and objective opinion on your matter, set out options and will recommend the best and most cost effective solution. Matthew has access to experienced junior and senior counsel based in Sydney and can advise on matters including:

Commercial Disputes

Injunctive Relief

Family Provision Act Claims



Port Macquarie Mediation, Port Macquarie Dispute Resolution & Dispute Resolution Port Macquarie

Mediation & Dispute Resolution in Port Macquarie

At Lindeman Lawyers we are experienced in mediation and arbitration. This is often an avenue that you can choose to take or is a prerequisite to the continuation of some forms of litigation. We strive to adopt a flexible approach as we believe a solution can be found to most issues without the need for a trial.

We can assist you with assessing opportunities to resolve disputes outside court, advice on negotiating strategy and practical solutions, and represent you at mediation seeking a non-litigated outcome.


We can assist you with the following areas of Dispute Resolution in Port Macquarie and Sydney:

  • Assessing your opportunities to resolve disputes outside the court room
  • Non jargon, commercial advice and practical options and negotiation strategy
  • Preparation of your case with a view to resolving matters before litigation commences, or out of court if litigation has begun
  • Working with you and other parties to organise mediation or alternatives to litigation
  • Representation at mediation seeking a non-litigated outcome


Port Macquarie Litigation & Civil Litigation Port MacquarieCivil Litigation Port Macquarie and Sydney

At Lindeman Lawyers, we understand that civil litigation can be a distressing and costly process, however obtaining experienced advice at the beginning of the process can avoid wasted costs.

If there is no alternative but to go to trial then you must have a cohesive, thoroughly prepared team whatever the nature of the dispute. Witnesses, expert and otherwise, and documentation must be prepared with precision and expertise and we can do that.

Our team at Lindeman Lawyers understands that your matter is unique and requires a tailored approach. If our Port Macquarie litigation services are required to resolve a dispute, then we have the necessary experience to progress your claim efficiently and promptly towards finalisation and, if required, by proceeding to trial.

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